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Hand Grip Cuff Flexor With Adjustable Spring Forearm Hands

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Brand Name: OUTROS

Department Name: Unisex

Type of sports: Strength Training

Training Site: Hand

Hand grip hand spring with adjustment from 10kg to 40kg, has adjustable levels of resistance.

Its anatomical shape and spring position are ideal for any size of hand, making it easy to rehabilitate and strengthen the hands, wrists and forearms.

You adjust it to the intensity you need, according to your desired strength and performance, without complications.

Used to strengthen the muscles of the hands, wrist, fingers and forearm, it also helps in recovery from injuries.

The accessory is adjustable, through the roller, between 10 and 60 kg.

The Hand Grip is an important device used for strengthening fingers, hands, and forearms.

Used for strengthening exercises, it aids in poor blood circulation, sprains and temporary injuries.

Even when you knit must have strong hands. Whether to hold tight on a rig or support to do a push-up.

A hand grip is a simple, but powerful device that serves to work the muscles of fingers, hands, wrists and forearms.

This is precisely its main advantage. Well-known muscles, such as biceps and triceps, and large muscle groups, such as the abdomen, are usually exercised frequently.

The muscles of the hands, fingers and lower arm are not so much.

The Hand Grip is usually made with springs, and has a shape of pliers, with two soft sticks to the touch. That fit perfectly in the grip of a hand.

To use just do series pressing the device. Therefore, it is really very simple to use. Anyone can use this equipment without difficulty.


Allows working each finger individually;

It also works the hand as a whole, if the user prefers;

Strengthens all muscles of the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms;

Improves movements of the hands;

Increases dexterity and motor coordination of the hands;

Helps restore normal movements of the hands;

Improves flexion of fingers and wrists;

Easy to carry, fits in bag or backpack, even in some pockets;

Because of all its benefits, the use of hand grip is usually indicated for physical therapy in different situations.

Many of them involve the recovery of movements of fingers and hands.

Product also indicated for athletes, whether professional or amateur.


-Material: Polypropylene

-Size: 16cm in height x 11cm in length

-Intensity: 10 to 40 kg


01 hand grip

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